Monday, June 9, 2014

DIY (do it yourself) experience.


We knew that we were going to have to put a new roof on the home that we recently purchased.  Along with the general aging of the asphalt, the roof also had shingles coming off from storm damage.

We liked the idea of going with a metal roof.  Since our home is a ranch style, we knew that the square footage of the roof would be quite extensive and therefore quite costly.  Our plan was to do the installation ourselves.  My husband is very skilled at that type of work and we just needed a good company to supply us with knowledge, material, and reasonable pricing.
We hit the internet and scheduled our first estimate.  It did not go well.  The appointment was long and laborious.  We suffered through it in the hopes of concluding with a price that we hoped would be within our expectations.  The result was far from it!  To say we were shocked would be an understatement.  He presented us with a price of over $70,000 installed and over $30,000 for material only!

We almost gave up.  Fortunately, we reached out to Metal Roofs of Michigan.  Our experience couldn’t have been any more different.  First, they worked to provide us with a rough preliminary estimate and let us decide if we wanted to pursue things further based on that.  We were excited about the number (approximately $16,000) but only cautiously optimistic for the in person estimate.  To our delight, the in person estimate actually came out a couple hundred dollars less - we appreciated the honesty!

Although my husband had full confidence in how to do the installation, Eric (the owner) still provided him with some information, tips, and resources.

We are extremely happy with our experience and highly recommend Metal Roofs of Michigan.

Jim and Laura
   - Grand Blanc MI